Robert Kuok – Richest Man in Malaysia

The name Robert Kuok has been synonymous with sugar for decades. In fact, so renowned is he with this industry that he is being conferred the unofficial title of ‘Sugar King’ not only for Malaysia but in Asia as well. It was reported that Kuok had once produced and supplied up to 80% of the total sugar for Malaysia and 10% of the world’s sugar supply. That is a daunting figure by any means as the consumption of sugar is one of the highest among other daily needs.

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Keeping Your Readers Constantly Engaged

You understand that importance of keeping your content coming. However, are you hitting the mark every time when it comes to the quality of your content and that content’s ability to engage your readers every time you post?

Getting and keeping your readers’ attention
Of course, writing content is easy; however, writing compelling, engaging content is a bit more challenging at times. In fact, it even goes that. Not only do you need to write compelling engaging content but you need to continually write that quality of content so that your readers keep coming back to you to read more and more.

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Tips To Keep Your Writing Away From Being Dragged Into Hibernation

Some writers, like other warm-blooded animals, undergo “hibernation.” This is a state of dormancy. While these kind of species do it in order to tolerate shortage of food or put up with prolonged cold weather, writers do it unconsciously in response to environmental disturbances like television shows and series, friends unscheduled visits or shopping sprees, and also in response to our body demands such as fatigue and yes mental block.

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Polish Your Writing Skills To Get Academic Writing Jobs Online

Writing an academic content is an art and you need to have flawless writing skills and critical thinking ability. Anybody can become a freelance writer, but if you want to stand out from the normal crowd, you need to know how to better your writing skills. If you are seeking academic writing jobs Online, you need to know the tips and tricks to improve your writing skills and earn more as a freelancer.

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Writing Precise, Effective Content Marketing Materials

Content is King now as it has always been! That much is not generally in dispute. However, just because your content marketing materials are essential to your business’ overall success, doesn’t mean that everyone who writes content understands how to hit the mark each and every time.

Developing the concept (or the formula) behind the writing
If you search online and read the content marketing materials of other people, you may be surprised at how much of that content falls short. The last thing that you want to happen is that you fall into that category as well. You want to write amazing content marketing materials that hit the mark each and every time. One way to ensure that you will produce the results that you are after on a consistent basis is by doing the work before you even get to the point of writing the content.

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How to Write Travel Articles – Going Beyond Documentation

Welcome to the wonderful world of travel writing! The beginning of this article has certainly been a challenge for me because I didn’t really know where to start – but as it begin to unfold, the clearer my thoughts became! Thank God for cut and delete on my computer!

In this new age of laptops, digital cameras and no telling what other gizmos are on the market today, travel writing is still what it is! It’s a real to life and vivid documentary of the things you saw, heard and did while on vacation or while just traveling through some town or spot in the woods! It is your view or your reaction to the surroundings around you. When putting it all together for a travel article, it’s up to you to bring your readers into the picture and let them feel your reaction as if they were right there beside you. That’s why it is so important to go beyond simply documenting your travels. Live them, feel them, and let your readers feel your reaction through your words.

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Headline Hooks That Reel in Readers

Whether you’ve written an email, blog post, newsletter, white paper, or press release, your primary job is to persuade the intended readers to explore what you’ve written. The challenge is that anyone worth writing for is overwhelmed with potential reading material. Prioritizing and skimming are the norm. Use yourself as an example. When sorting through business or personal reading material, what tempts you to stop and read? The headline!

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Writing Is Engaging – Release Your Verbiage of Self-Expression-Know Your Goals – Write in Fervor!

Writing is engaging and exciting!** So many times, people have a need to write; whether to inform, entertain or to share their knowledge and experience. Release your self-expression by writing about what inspires you. Formulate goals that you wish to achieve from your writing. Writing is a compilation of highlighted passages, illuminating readers by providing engaging content. Find your niche for writing and just flow with the energy, release the verbiage into sentences and paragraphs that unfold as you type and disclose your written text.

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