My Prized Possession – My True Love

What is true love…

Which can keep you passionate about it

Which can keep you always busy in thinking about it

Which is part of your life, be it day or night

Which keeps your mind engaged in thoughts.

Well this time I am not talking about a person but a thing, a prized possession which is my true love.

“True Love,” is it magical or practical? Is it virtual or sensitive?

It can be anything any moment any person or any feeling…

It can be that first person you feel is the one or

It can be that beautiful place you always wanted to visit and you are now enjoying its feel, it can be a ‘Book” or things you can’t live without.

Ask me if I have to select my True Love, my passion, my prized possession in one thing well this task gets difficult, but after churning my thoughts I select my creative space, my day night hangout place, my world, my work station, my work nest, my everything, my computer.

I write my articles with help of this very lovely gadget of my life. I work from there, I connect with the virtual world from here only. This is the place I have created my creations, my creative works, my designs, my ideas.

It’s my true love because I can’t stay without my computer my work place, which I worship from soul. It makes me complete as I love writing and since writing is my passion my writing table, my computer is very special to me.

This gadget has stored my happiness, my sorrows, has helped me express my views all my life. I have found my passion to write with this only. I write, I meditate when I write sitting in front of this gadget only. I moved from paper diary to virtual diary just because of this PC.

I am in love with this. My whole family knows it and sometimes tease me too. Everyone in my family knows if she is to be found its only her computer you can find her.

It makes me special because my computer makes me “ME” the real me.

I have found who I am and what I can do.

True love is something you think of everyday, every moment and this is what makes me think, it inspires me to think, explore and be Creative.

Talking about love of writing even reading is inseparable love of mine, because reading only inspires me to write, and having a room of books around me is what I would wish next.

I have known the real me, I have explored the real me just from being with my computer. Creativity is everywhere be it the natural elements and the way you see it, the Sun that shines, the Sea that rise, the wind that flows, the Earth we live on. Not only this it’s there in the birds that fly, the flowers that bloom, the leaves that smile. So this gadget gave me words to express that creativity around me.

What more a gadget give us… more than happiness of being self. no grudges, no arguments, no if’s and buts asked just pure sharing.

It keeps me busy,

It keeps me happy,

It keeps me thoughtful,

It helps me explore worlds with the touch of my fingertips,

I can say anything and it never judges me,

It gives me power of pen,

power to write,

power to express,

So that’s my true love, where I can spend hours and express freely and creatively.

So what’s your prized passionate possession or your true love…

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